Course Catalog

At last! Learn the Principles and Practices of Spiritual Psychology online! What was once only available to students at the University of Santa Monica is now available to you 24/7! Each interactive course is self-paced, meaning that you can complete the course based on your own timeline. Your responses to the interactive exercises and type-in entries are private, securely stored for your personal review and updating.

Course 1: An Introduction to Spiritual Psychology

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What is Spiritual Psychology? In this 2 hour, complimentary course you’ll learn about the University of Santa Monica and the foundational context of Spiritual Psychology, which thousands have used to positively transform themselves and their lives. Through inspiring videos, you’ll join Ron and Mary in the classroom and experience Soul-Centered Education—USM’s unique, experiential approach to learning designed to support you in gaining greater spiritual awareness, as well as enhancing your physical, mental and emotional well-being.

Course topics are sequential and can be completed in a single or multiple sittings:

  • Topic 1: What Is Spiritual Psychology?
  • Topic 2: Answering Life’s Essential Questions
  • Topic 3: Resolving Issues and the Suffering They Cause
  • Topic 4: Applying Spiritual Psychology to Your Life

Current USM students and grads: This is a great refresher course for you and a perfect way to introduce your family and friends to USM! Connect with Ron & Mary and the USM energy while deepening your understanding of the foundations of Spiritual Psychology. Utilize the interactive exercises to gain greater awareness of your current issues and spiritual opportunities!

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Course 2: Loyalty to Your Soul - Foundations

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Coming soon! In this 7-topic, 8-week course you’ll have the opportunity to learn and practice eight foundational Practices of Spiritual Psychology, designed to support you resolving those issues that are at the root of mental anguish and emotional suffering, resulting in enhancing your relationship with yourself and others, and transforming your life into a happier, more Loving, meaningful and fulfilling experience.

These Practices, called Soul-Centered Skills, include:

  • Seeing the Loving Essence
  • Heart-Centered Listening
  • Freeing Yourself from Limiting Interpretations of Reality
  • Perception Checking
  • Practicing Acceptance
  • Responsibility I: Choice
  • Responsibility II: Ownership
  • Compassionate Self-Forgiveness

As you progress through the course, you’ll have access to interactive guided processes that will support you in applying these skills to issues and situations that arise in your life. Imagine being able to go online at 2 a.m. and having Mary guide you through a process that supports you in releasing your upset and coming back into peace, harmony and balance! These transformative processes are exclusively available to those who are participating in Course 2, or those who have completed the Course and are members of the USM Worldwide Soul Center.